Order for Complaints

Price list

As a contractual partner of the Estonian National Health Insurance Fund

We offer free dental treatment to under 19 year old insured persons, who are also subject to free orthodontic services in certain cases and we also offer denture compensation (260 euros for three years) for people with full or partial no work ability, old-age pensioners and persons receiving pensions for incapacity to work and elderly insured people over the age of 63. Our dental clinic has not signed the contract of adult dental treatment compensation.

Cancelling the appointment

We would like to remind you that when making an appointment, the patient agrees to come to the appointment at the agreed time. In case circumstances occur, which prevent the patient from coming to the appointment, the patient must notify the registry of the dental clinic at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Appointments made for Mondays can be cancelled by notifying the dental clinic by 7pm on prior Fridays. The released appointment slot gives us the opportunity to offer treatment to some patient who has been on the waiting list for a long time. In case the patient has missed appointments on several occasions without prior proper due notice, the dental clinic has the right to add the fee for incorrect cancellation to the service charge of the next visit.