Caries treatment

Caries is the defect in the tooth’s hard tissue. In caries treatment, the defected tooth tissue is removed, the defected area is filled with artificial material and the dental crown and its surfaces are restored. The mastication function and aesthetics of the tooth are restored with the treatment.

Root treatment

Root treatment – or endodontics is needed in case of inflammation in dental roots or nerves. Root treatment is carried out in case of teeth, which nerves have been infected due to a deep cavity and usually causes painful inflammation. The inflammation might have already spread to the jaw under the tooth’s root. In that case, the tooth has a destroyed nerve and is lifeless.


Orthodontics deals with ensuring the part of oral health, which is connected to occlusion. An orthodontist helps to correct occlusion and focuses on the prevention and treatment of occlusion anomalies. The result of orthodontic treatment is a nice and straight line of teeth and a beautiful smile.

3D X-ray

X-ray – using digital radiogram systems based on modern technology helps to ensure correct diagnosis and draft a correct treatment plan, which in turn is a prerequisite for better and lasting treatment results. The 3D-X-ray that we use in our clinic, enables to make panoramic, intraoral and skull lateral X-rays.


Dentures – replacing a whole line of teeth, a single tooth or its defected part with a artificial construction made by the dental technician. The best solution for the patient is found together with the dentist.

Dental hygienist

Service of the dental hygienist – the main goal of the different procedures carried out by a specialist is to prevent gum and dental diseases and offer the patient thorough oral cleaning.


Surgery – ambulatory surgical procedures such as the removal of teeth or roots, surgery on the lip and lingual frelunum and other surgical intervention with local anesthesia, the need for which is determined by the surgeon.

Treatment under general anesthesia

Treatment under general anesthesia – to solve a more complicated case, which needs surgical intervention, we also offer treatment under general anesthesia. Our experienced anesthesiologist and anesthesia nurse ensure the safest best possible treatment during the entire procedure.