Hereby, we will give you an overview of how Kalmer Lepiku Hambaravi OÜ uses and maintains personal data received during their course of action and what is our procedure when processing personal data.

Processing personal data is an action taken in  connection of any kind of personal data. Kalmer Lepiku Hambaravi OÜ processes personal data, including health data to provide dental care services. Furthermore, the dental office fulfils other tasks pursuant to legal acts, which are connected to providing services.

At Kalmer Lepiku Hambaravi OÜ (hereinafter dental clinic):


* The dental clinic processes personal data, including special categories of personal data (connected to dental services) for providing services of special medical services, diagnosis and treatment to decrease patient malaise, prevent the degradation of oral health and restore oral health. The dental clinic uses patient personal data to make appointments, issue invoices, send reminders or other necessary information by phone and/or email.
* In addition to processing patient personal data, we process the personal data of his/her legal representative (parent or guardian) to check the person’s connection to the patient. We forward data regarding the patient’s medical situation to the legal representative.
* Personal data is used to compile treatment plans, which need to be preserved for at least 110 years as of the birth of the patient pursuant to paragraph 82 of the Regulation of the Documentation and Order and Conditions of Maintaining the Records of Health Care Services.
* Access to personal data given to the dental clinic can only be given to persons who have the right for it deriving from work duties and a signed confidentiality agreement.
* In our dental clinic, we use access restrictions pursuant to paragraph 35 (1) p 11-15 of the Public Information Act and enforce access restrictions to the following documents:

–documents and correspondence containing delicate personal data;
–documents (including contracts, correspondence and issued invoices), which contain personal data, which access might significantly harm the inviolability of private life (home address, email, contact phone)
* We only issue documets containing patient data in situations stipulated by the law to the patient, but also the authorised representative of the patient, in case of a written and signed request at the dental office or in crypted form to the email address of the patient or his/her legal representative.
*Confidential data may only be disclosed with the patients approval or pursuant to the law. When agreeing to the issuing of data, the patient must know to whom, what kind and for which purpose the data is being disclosed. Patient approval is formalised in written form with the patient’s signature, where the type of the issued data and the receiver of the data is also listed. The approval is a one time agreement and can be withdrawn from at any time.
* Compliments and thank you messages by the patients are published on our website with the patient’s approval.


* Patients have three options to make appointments:

1) calling the registry office of the dental clinic, which telephone number is  + 372 443 1203,
2) booking an appointment through the form found on our website,
3) coming to the dental clinic, where the administrators will help to book an appointment.

When booking for an appointment, patients are offered the first available appointment slot. The availability of appointments depends on the length of the waiting list, but also on the cancellation of appointments by the patients.

* When booking an appointment, the patient must say or enter his name, phone number, email address and describe the reason for the appointment. Only the legal representative of an underage patient or a patient with a legal guardian can make an appointment for that patient.
* The administrator of the dental clinic will send a confirmation of the booking to those patients making an appointment through the website.
* The appointment is recorded in the software programme Hammas (partner of the dental clinic) together with presented personal data.
* An SMS reminder is sent to the patient one day before the scheduled appointment.
* When making an appointment, the patient agrees to come to the appointment at the agreed time. In case circumstances occur, which prevent the patient from coming to the appointment, the patient must notify the registry of the dental clinic at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Appointments made for Mondays can be cancelled by notifying the dental clinic by 7pm on prior Fridays.
* If the patient has not cancelled his appointment according to the conditions set in the previous clause, the dental clinic has the right to add the fee for incorrect cancellation in the sum of 20 euros to the service charge of the next visit.
* In case of several unnotified cancellations, the dental clinic has the right to refuse treating the patient.
* The cancelled appointment time is offered to patients based on the waiting list.


* The patient has the right to submit a request to pay in instalments to the cooperation partner of the dental clinic Medicredit, in orderd to finance unexpected and urgent visits to special doctors.
* The dental clinic is not responsible for the further use of patient data presented to the company offering the service of paying in instalments.


*The patient has the right to obtain a private dental health insurance contract designed to reimburse for regular, emergency or accident related dental treatment. The insurance partner of Kalmer Lepiku Hambaravi OÜ is Northern 1. The insurance provider is responsible for the processing of personal data issued to the insurance partner.


* If a patient sends us an inquiry for clarification, memorandum, request for information or complaint, we will use personal data to determine the circumstances mentioned in the complaint and to give a reply. If we receive a letter, which can only be answered by a different institution, then we will forward the letter and also notify the patient about such action.
* Correspondence with private persons is covered by a general restriction to access, because the letters contain personal data. This means that if someone wants to see the correspondence or some documents, they have to file a request for information to the dental clinic. When receiving the request for information, we will review if the wished documents can be issued or partially issued. In case of partial issuing, we will cover those personal data, for which the applicant has no right to process, in order to avoid publishing too much data. Possible grounds for restrictions to access are listed in paragraph 35 of the Public Information Act.
* Correspondence with private persons is preserved for 3 years (requests for clarification, information, booking letters).
* The dental clinic must issue documents connected to patient personal data to institutions or persons, who have a legal right to ask for those documents (e.g. the police, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, Health Board, insurance company in case of an insured event etc).
* Documents containing special personal data are mailed to the receivers using registered post or crypted emails. We issue documents to institutions through the secure document exchange protocol, if possible.

Name of Instition Composition of Data and its forwarding Legal basis
Health Information System e-Health Dental treatment plan, forwarded after the appointment Law
Estonian Health Care Digital Image Bank Images forwarded after they are taken Law
Estonian National Insurance Fund Dental treatment plan, forwarded in case a contract to provide the treatment has been entered into Law, Contract
Dental Insurance Fund Dental treatment plan, forwarded after an insurance event Contract
Service provider of the dental care programme Hammas Dental treatment plan Contract


In order to prevent situations, which harm the preservation of property, react to emergency situations or determining the parties resposible for property destruction, security cameras have been installed to the dental clinic. The cameras are placed in interior spaces and above the front door, which transmit real-time images, record them and enable to be processed and reproduced at a later time. It is not allowed to record sounds or monitor specific persons with the cameras, only a certain area (e.g. room or hallway) and things taking place there.

When processing data received with the help of the cameras, the dental clinic uses such security measures, which protect the collected data from unintentional or unauthorised viewing, copying, changing, handling and deleting. Only the manager of the dental clinic has the right to access the recordings. The recordings can be forwarded or access granted to parties outside the dental clinic only in case of rights derived from the law (e.g. the police). The recordings are preserved for 30 calendar days, after which they are deleted with either using the data delete function or re-recording function, depending on the technical possibilities of the camera. In case of questions related to the camera, please contact by phone telefonile +372 56 628 785 or  email


You have the right to see data, which we have gathered about you. To do so, please submit a request either signed by hand or digitally. We will refuse to satisfy your request, if it might:

⦁harm the rights and liberties of other persons,
⦁prevent combating criminal offences or catching the criminal,
⦁impair finding out the truth in criminal proceedings.

You have the right to demand the amendment of incorrect personal data. If we no longer have the legal right to use your personal data, you can demand for the data usage to be stopped or deleted. We will satisfy your claim to amend data, stop usage or delete data, if it is justified. In case you have doubts about the decicions made by our dentists, you have the right to turn to another doctor for a second opinion with the purpose of giving an assessment to:

⦁ the necessity of the health care service or medication prescribed for the patient,
⦁the correctness of the diagnosis,
⦁the explained alternatives and expected results and
⦁ the risks connected to providing the health care service.


In case of questions relating to the processing of personal data you can turn to our data protection specialist by email If you find that we have violated your rights in personal data processing, you can file a complaint to the data protection specialist of the dental clinic or the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate (Väike-Ameerika 19, Tallinn 10129, email address Kalmer Lepiku Hambaravi OÜ does everything in its power to protect all of your personal data and follow legal acts regarding data protection and privacy.