The goal of orthodontic treatment is to correct occlusion in a way, which would result in a beautiful and straight line of occlusion and thereby, ensure the functionality of dental arches. Foremost, we recommend orthodontic treatment to teenagers, when malocclusion is the fastest, but we can find suitable treatment options for patients of all ages. Orthodontic treatment also gives results in restoring the proper positioning of teeth, which have shifted as a result of periodontitis and decreasing large diastemas that disturb the patient.

Crooked teeth is not just a problem for aesthetics. Other problems are often accompanied by it, for example, faster tooth wear, ineffective chewing, hypertonicity of mastication and face muscles, but also pains in temporomandibular joint, neck and head areas. Dental anomalies affect a person’s self-esteem, because they are directly connected with appearance and first impressions. Cleaning crowded teeth is also more complicated, because it is harder to reach the areas between overlapping teeth, which results in the pile-up of calculus and plaque and might cause problems with cavities and periodontal diseases.

Mostly braces are used today to fix occlusion. Orthodontic treatment is preceded by a consultation and examination by the orthodontist, which helps to determine exact treatment needs and come to the best solution together with the patient. The lenght of orthodontic treatment is individual, depending on the severity of dental malocclusion it can last from six months up to several years.

The treatment (including brace treatment) is compensated by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund for children with certain diagnoses.