The order for solving patient complaints is regulated pursuant to Regulation no 84 of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

In case the patient is not satisfied with the availability of the health service or the quality of the treatment or doctor’s actions, the patient has the right to turn to:

1) The manager of the company offering the treatment:Email:
2) Regional office of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, i.e.  its Pärnu office

  • Lai street 14, Pärnu 80010
  • Telephone: 4477666
  • Email:

3) Health Board

  • Paldiski road 81, Tallinn 10617
  • Telephone: 6943500
  • Email:


In case of a critical comment or complaint, the employee who received the complaint will fill in a form and submit it to the manager of the compay.

If the complaint is filed over the phone, the call is forwarded to the administrator, if possible, who will then fill in the complaint form and submit it to the manager of the company. If forwarding to the administrator is not possible, the receiver of the call will fill in the complaint form.

The complaint is submitted on a proper complaint form and maintained in the complaints and comments registry. The manager of the company will ensure the availability of the complaint forms and their collection.


All filed critical comments and complaints will be registered in the complaint registry. All properly submitted complaints will be replied to within 10 days as of the day of filing the complaint.

The manager of the company drafts written replies, if the complaint does not need further investigation or a more thorough explanation of the matters. In other occasions, the procedure of complaint resolution will be enforced. The manager of the company has the right to include experts and form working groups to resolve the complaints. Replies to the complaints will be signed by the manager of the company.


Complaints will undergo a resolution process in the following cases:

Presenting a reply to the complaint required further investigation of the matters

The person filing the complaint has wished to receive explanations in writing

Presenting a reply requires including an expert

A working group or an employee who was put in charge of resolving the complaint, will draft a reply project and forward it to the manager of the company within 10 days (of the filing of the complaint)

If the expert assesses that the resolution of the complaint might take more than 10 days, then the manager of the company is notified immediately and a realistic deadline is agreed upon.

Complaints and comments are discussed with the employee receiving the complaint and at the general meeting of the company.


The manager of the company will draft a written answer to the complaint within 10 days as of the submission of the complaint. If resolving the complaint needs more time, the person who submitted the complaint, will be informed about the new deadline. The manager of the company ensures that the reply is forwarded to the given address of the person submitting the complaint.